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Mathew Knowles Honors Music World LATIN CEO Lin Almanza-Vasquez for Women's History Month

In a heartfelt tribute this Women's History Month, Mathew Knowles, the renowned music executive behind Music World Entertainment, has extended his deepest gratitude and recognition to Lin Almanza-Vasquez for her indispensable contribution to the music industry and his personal journey. Knowles, who has been a pivotal figure in shaping the careers of global superstars, Beyoncé, Destiny's Child, Solange and many more, took a moment to acknowledge the women who have played a vital role in his life, especially highlighting the support he received during his battle with cancer.

Among those honored, Lin Almanza-Vasquez stands out as a beacon of dedication, hard work, and loyalty. For over two decades, Almanza-Vasquez has been at Knowles' side, as a trusted colleague and dear friend. Her meticulous attention to detail, superior organizational skills, and relentless commitment to excellence have been fundamental to their shared success

Knowles' accolade for Almanza-Vasquez comes at a time when the music industry is increasingly recognizing the contributions of women in shaping its evolution. Almanza-Vasquez's journey is emblematic of the resilience, strength, and leadership women bring to the table. Her role extends beyond her administrative prowess; she has been a source of inspiration and a pillar of support that has greatly impacted Knowles' personal and professional life.


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