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Music World LATIN, under the visionary leadership of Lin Almanza-Vasquez, boasts a diverse and talented roster that encapsulates the vibrant spectrum of Latin music. This label stands as a testament to Lin's strategic vision and commitment to fostering musical innovation while honoring the rich traditions of Latin genres. The roster includes a dynamic mix of established icons like "Elsa Garcia," "JC," and emerging talents like "Demmi Garcia", each bringing their unique voice and musicality to the forefront of the Latin music scene.

The production team "Victrola 5 Productions", including seasoned musicians and producers like Jessie Vasquez, JC Almanza, Michael Garcia, and Demmi Garcia further enriches the Music World LATIN roster. Their collective experience and accolades, including Grammy nominations and awards, contribute to the label's reputation for exceptional music production and artist development.

Lin Almanza-Vasquez's leadership has been instrumental in assembling a roster that reflects the diversity of Latin music and its evolving nature. By prioritizing artistic integrity, innovation, and collaboration, Music World LATIN has established itself as a pivotal force in the Latin music industry, promoting a rich array of sounds that appeal to both traditional audiences and new listeners worldwide.

Lin Almanza-Vasquez

President/CEO, Music World LATIN

Lin Almanza-Vasquez (President/CEO, Music World LATIN) from Houston, TX is a music executive and singer/songwriter. Lin has toured extensively with various American and Latin artists in all genres of music from Pop, Gospel, Regional Mexican, to Tejano, etc. Lin has been in the music industry for most of her life and has held positions at Pace Concerts, SFX Entertainment, Clear Channel Entertainment and currently at Music World Entertainment Corporation, the recording and management home to global superstars Destiny's Child, Solange and Beyoncé. She has worked for Music World Entertainment family for over 20+ years. She has worked her way up to become the Sr. Vice President of the company worldwide and is the proud CEO of Music World LATIN as well as Victrola 5 Productions. She is a highly respected music industry professional and now has ventured out and is releasing the first of many productions with her family and production team.

Lin Almanza-Vasquez

Victrola 5 productions

Production Team

What started out as a hobby, has quickly turned into a labor of love, for the 5 members of this production team. For over 20 years Jessie Vasquez, JC, and Michael Garcia of the production team toured extensively in the US and Mexico and recorded together. Now there are 2 new additions (Demmi Garcia and her mother Lin Almanza-Vasquez) who have come along to create Victrola 5 Music Productions which falls under the Music World LATIN label. Together they are a powerhouse production team, each of which, bring their own abilities, accomplishments, love and knowledge for music.


With years of experience and previous award-winning recordings Victrola 5 Music Productions provides a foundation for musical greatness in which their history has led a generational movement. Their studio work with multiple Grammy Award winning accordionist, David Lee Garza, who is featured on several of the tracks, bring forward regional Mexican and Tejano music to another level. (‘Lo Que Te Prometi’, ‘Daria Lo Que Fuera’, ‘No Se Si Pueda’ on JC’s EP, and ‘Y Senti’, and ‘Con Tu Amor’ on Demmi’s EP). Successfully fusing old style with contemporary sounding songs, they have created a fresh sound honoring their musical roots. Together this unique collaboration of talents has inspired and brought to light their musical calling.


Victrola 5



La Primera Dama

Elsa Garcia, hailed as "La Primera Dama" is a revered Tejano singer and pioneering female producer from Houston, Texas. With the 1991 Grammy-nominated album "Simplemente" and numerous years of being the top nominee at the prestigious Tejano Music Awards for "Female Vocalist of the Year," "Female Entertainer of the Year,"  and "Song of the Year," Elsa earned the "Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2012 for the Tejano Music Awards and the 2023 "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Guadalupe Awards.

Upon embarking on her own musical journey, Elsa defied industry norms by earning four consecutive Gold Albums/CDs – an unparalleled and unheard of feat, especially in a male-dominated industry and genre. She produced and arranged the music for her records while working with California producer Bob Gallarza.

When Tejano music began to garner real attention in 1990, Elsa Garcia was signed by Capitol EMI Music along with her group.  That same year, Elsa Garcia released her debut album with EMI "Simplemente,” which was a bestseller. She had singles such as "Déjame En Paz,” "No Sé,” and "Tú,” which she presented in all the local television programs. The album earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Album.


"JC" Almanza


"JC" Almanza (Vocals, percussion, songwriter, arrangements) from Houston, TX is an accomplished American Tejano/Regional Mexican singer who grew up on the east side of Houston and began singing when he was 10 years old. On a trip from Houston to Monterrey, Mexico, where his family is from, he began to sing along with his mother, the legendary Linda La Norteña, and they quickly realized that he could harmonize and had a vocal gift.


His first recording, at the age of 12, was with global artist Veronica Castro. While in his teens, he began his musical journey and joined his sister’s (Elsa Garcia) band. He recorded several Grammy nominated and multi award winning albums and then developed as a solo artist and released his solo album entitled “Premier”. He was featured on Bob Gallarza’s “En Familia” CD and sang alongside some of the greatest vocalists of our time. He is now part of the Victrola 5 Music Productions team and is releasing new music this year. 

JC Almanza



Demmi Garcia (Vocals, guitar, violin, flute, songwriter, arrangements) from Houston, TX is more than futurity, Demmi’s destiny was quite pre-determined. This heir to music royalty has already discovered her remarkable bloodline. The niece to Tejano music pioneer and four-time Grammy nominated star Elsa Garcia, Demmi has discovered the transformative power of music at an early age. “My grandma (Hermelinda Escamilla-Almanza whose stage name was Linda La Norteña) is well known not only in Mexico but across the United States as well and is a highly respected singer/songwriter.


She wrote several Regional Mexican/Tejano hits”, says Demmi. Demmi recently recorded a song which was written by her grandmother, Linda La Norteña, titled ‘Aventura De Mi Vida’ with Powerhouse Avizo and also recorded with multiple award winning artist Shelly Lares and two up and coming artists Monica Saldivar and Sonja De La Paz on a track entitled ‘Nada De Ti’, which have both charted in the Tejano and Regional genres. Just as her family before her, Demmi inherited her musical prowess from her family and released her debut single, ‘Con Tu Amor’ on May 21, 2021, followed by 'Mariposas' on November 22, 2021 written by her mother, Lin Almanza-Vasquez, and father Michael Garcia, and produced by Victrola 5 Productions.

Demmi Garcia


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